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Sydney’s life-saving alcohol laws are under threat. It’s time to tell the NSW Government why we can’t afford to lose them.

Sydney’s modest alcohol restrictions have made Sydney safer, significantly reducing the incidence of assault, sexual assault, injury and death on our streets.

Since they were introduced in 2014, Kings Cross has seen a 59% decrease in assaults between 6pm and 1.30am and a staggering 94% per cent decrease between 3am and 6am. In Sydney’s CBD assaults fell by 20%.

But, now a state government inquiry is considering rolling-back or even removing entirely these life-saving laws, no doubt in part because of pressure from the alcohol industry.  

We can’t let the government put these concerns above saving lives and keeping people safe.

We need to send a clear message to our government that Sydney residents want the laws to be kept and why they are so important.

Use the form on this page to share your reasons for keeping the laws and we will use your stories to help fuel our campaign and recruit others to join the Keep Sydney Safe movement.

We will also collate all the stories we receive and send them the NSW Government MPs and the inquiry to make sure our Government understands just how important these life-saving laws are and why they must be protected.

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