May 30, 2019

Nadine Ezard – Don’t lock out the facts on lockout laws: they’ve made this city safer – SMH

It’s hard not coming to the conclusion that the saga around Sydney’s lockout laws is coming to its denouement. The NSW Premier, saddled as she is with a Legislative Council crossbench of 11 members, and needing the votes of five of them to pass legislation, has read the writing on the wall.

The writing being that a good many of the crossbench – the two Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MLCs, the two new One Nation MLCs, the Greens – have all expressed a burning desire to water down or scrap the measures entirely.

We also know that before the election, the Deputy Premier and leader of the Nationals brought his own proposal to Cabinet to change the laws.

Why the representatives of rural and regional constituents are so keen to change the rules around Sydney’s night life and drinking establishments is beyond me and perhaps a question for another day … or the alcohol lobby.

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