The Keep Sydney Safe campaign is run by the Last Drinks coalition of emergency service workers – police, nurses, doctors and ambulance officers.

We believe in evidence-based policy solutions. The evidence shows that the most effective way to reduce alcohol-fueled violence in the Australian context is by placing restrictions on the late-night sale of alcohol.

The facts about alcohol-related violence in Sydney

Sydney’s successful laws have dramatically reduced alcohol-related assaults – Kings Cross has seen a 59.2% decrease in assaults between 6pm and 1.30am and a staggering 93.9% per cent decrease between 3am and 6am. In Sydney CBD assaults have fallen by 20.2%. (Source: BOCSAR)

Serious injuries resulting from alcohol-related violence have been significantly reduced – St Vincent’s Hospital saw a 24.8% reduction of seriously injured patients during high alcohol period and the number of patients admitted with serious head injuries was reduced by 50% between 8pm and 8am. (Source: Medical Journal of Australia)

Sexual assaults have been halved due to the Sydney’s successful alcohol laws – Incidences of indecent and sexual assault in Kings Cross, the primary victims being women, have both reduced by almost 50%. (Source: BOCSAR)

The successful alcohol laws have made the rest of Sydney safer – 40 additional police officers brought in from other areas every Saturday night to deal with Kings Cross drunken violence have been freed up to undertake important policing work in their own communities. (Source: PANSW)

There is strong public support for early closing hours – 82% of Australians believe pubs, clubs and bars should close at 3am or earlier. (Source: FARE)

Sydney’s nightlife is strong and growing – the number of venues in Sydney grew by 1.8% to 4,872 and overall sales increased by 6.3%. Employment in the night time economy had also grown by 8.7% and turnover had increased by 6.5%. (Source: Council of Capital City Lord Mayors)

The review

The NSW Government is currently conducting an enquiry into Sydney’s alcohol laws.

The Keep Sydney Safe campaign has put forward a submission calling for the life-saving laws to be maintained.

Emergency service workers know all too well how important these laws have been. They’ve been essential to reducing alcohol-fuelled violence, and assisting emergency service workers to perform their job in responding to the violence that still occurs.

Any winding-back of these elements would undermine the entirety of the life-saving measures. In particular, the 3am cessation of service and the midnight restrictions on shots are crucial to the effectiveness of the measures.

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