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Protect our life-saving alcohol laws

Sydney’s alcohol laws are saving lives.
We can’t afford to lose them.

Sydney’s alcohol restrictions, which have been in place since 2014, have proven to be successful in reducing assaults, deaths and injuries on our streets.

But they’re at risk. Right now, a NSW Government inquiry is reviewing the laws and the government has refused to rule out winding them back or even removing them entirely.

Since their introduction, there’s been a huge decrease in assaults across Sydney.

Assaults in Kings Cross have dropped


6pm and 1.30pm

And a


3am and 6am

In the Sydney CBD, assaults have fallen by


Since the modest alcohol restrictions were introduced

Head Injuries

The number of patients admitted to St Vincent’s Hospital with serious head injuries has reduced by 50% between 8pm and 8am, and incidences of sexual assault in Kings Cross have halved.

The laws are working. They are saving lives.
We can’t afford to lose them.

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