Jul 26, 2017

Vancouver follows in Sydney’s footsteps and introduces “Last Entry” lock out laws

Andrew Ryce – Resident Advisor

Vancouver City Council has introduced Sydney-style lockout bylaws.

The program, called Last Entry, goes into effect on July 1st. It will only affect clubs in the Granville Entertainment District. Bars will be permitted to stay open until 3 AM, but patrons will only be admitted before 2, in an effort to address what the city calls rising rates of crime and violence in the Downtown area.

“The number of police incidents has risen year-over-year and it continues to be a problem,” Vancouver general manager of development Kaye Krishna told the CBC. “What we’re trying to do is thin out the crowds in a more gradual way. When people are all leaving bars at the same time the streets get very crowded… and that’s when many of the fights occur.” Krishna cited the Sydney rules, which banned entry after 1:30 AM, as inspiration for Vancouver’s trial.

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