Put safety first

Ask the Premier to maintain our modest alcohol laws

Will you ask the Premier to keep our community safe from alcohol-fuelled violence?

Since the modest alcohol laws (which include reduced trading hours, lock-outs and restrictions on high alcohol-content drinks) were introduced in the greater Sydney area in 2014, we’ve seen a 45% decrease in violence in the Kings Cross area.

A 45% decrease in innocent people being assaulted, or worse, cannot be underestimated.

There are some vocal opponents to the laws calling for the measures to be scrapped. We can’t afford to let that happen. Without the laws, alcohol-fuelled carnage will return to our streets.

Send an email to the Premier and ask him to maintain these modest laws.

You may receive an auto-reply from the Premier’s office. Don’t worry too much about this he is receiving your messages!

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Put saftey first - email the nsw premier now