Jul 27, 2017

Notorious Sydney nightclub Home racks up string of drug overdoses, police call-outs

 MARK MORRI, The Daily Telegraph

POLICE were called to an overdose-plagued Sydney nightclub more than 150 times in the past two years — including for 43 drug incidents and 37 assaults.

Activity at Darling Harbour club Home is now so dangerous the venue has even employed its own private paramedics to deal with emergencies inside.

Just a month after six revellers overdosed in a single night at the venue, The Daily Telegraph can reveal the shocking full extent of a police brief on the club.

Medical staff have treated six overdose cases at Home in just a month. Home Nightclub at Cockle Bay has been forced to hire its own paramedic team. The packed dance floor at Home.

“The material provided by police indicates the venue has a history of violent incidents over the past two years,” a document reveals.

The 43 drug incidents include “multiple incidents of patrons apprehended in the venue with large quantities of drugs”. There were also 27 “observations of signs of intoxications”.

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