Sep 29, 2017

Media Release – Return of ‘shots’ to Sydney bars latest chapter in roll back of life saving alcohol laws

Emergency service workers have expressed serious concerns with the NSW Government’s latest moves to roll back successful alcohol laws which have saved lives and prevented hundreds of alcohol related assaults and injuries.

Last Drinks Coalition spokesperson Dr Tony Sara said that the Government’s removal of the requirement for small bars to serve spirits with a mixer after midnight was of particular concern.

“The requirement to serve a spirit with a mixer after midnight was designed to eliminate the practice of ‘taking a shot’, where an entire 30ml serve of alcohol is consumed in one hit, often multiple times over the evening.”

“Shots increase the rapidness and intensity of intoxication and greatly contribute to public drunkenness and violence. Unfortunately, the NSW Government has brought them back.”

“The significant reduction we’ve seen in alcohol-related violence and serious injury has been directly attributable to the strong alcohol measures and the effectiveness of the lock out laws.”

“By extending opening hours earlier this year and now removing liquor restrictions such as these, the NSW Government risks a return to the violence which flooded Sydney’s streets and caused the tragic deaths of young people like Thomas Kelly and Daniel Christie.”

“The lock out laws have been a highly successful in reducing alcohol related violence and assaults and have greatly improved the quality of life for local residents in suburbs previously drowning in alcohol fueled violence.”

“Last year Kings Cross saw a 59.2 per cent decrease in assaults between 6pm and 1.30am and a staggering 93.9 per cent decrease between 3am and 6am.”

“Staff at St Vincent’s hospital saw a 50 per cent reduction in the number of patients admitted with head injuries between 8pm and 8am.

“Lives have been saved and hundreds of people have been spared serious life changing injury thanks to these laws. It would be a tragedy to see those achievements lost and to put lives at risk” Dr Sara said.

“Police officers, doctors, nurses and ambulance officers call on the NSW Government to side with the community and to stop the roll back of these lifesaving laws.”

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