May 29, 2015

MEDIA RELEASE: Most violent pubs list shows need to take measures to other communities

29 May, 2015: The list of the state’s most violent licensed venues released today again highlights that the new alcohol measures are working, but need to be rolled out to other communities battling alcohol-fuelled violence, emergency service workers said.

The list, which features only venues with 12 or more reported incidents in 12 months, shows there has been a 39 per cent fall in the number of violent incidents at venues on the government’s list in the wake of the introduction of the alcohol laws.

However it also shows that the issue of alcohol-fuelled violence is not restriction to the greater Sydney CBD where the measures are in place. The list includes venues in areas such as Coffs Harbour, Terrigal Hotel, Neutral Bay, Parramatta, Miranda, Ballina, Campbelltown and Broken Hill.

Last Drinks coalition spokesperson and Health Services Union Secretary Gerard Hayes said that while it’s heartening to see the number of violent venues on the list dropping, too many innocent people are still falling victim to alcohol-fuelled violence.

“This is yet more proof the current modest alcohol restrictions are working and need to remain in place,” Mr Hayes said.

“But it’s also a sign that we need to be looking at introducing the protections to other communities around the state.

“The simple fact is that too many lives are still being shattered at the hands of alcohol-fuelled violence.

“The State Government has a responsibility to act to introduce measures that reduce alcohol-fuelled violence in any community that needs it.

“The measures have been hugely successful in the greater Sydney CBD, but that doesn’t mean we can pretend the problem has been solved.

“There is sound evidence pointing to the fact that reducing trading hours, restricting the sale of high alcohol-content drinks and introducing lock-outs significantly reduces the number of alcohol-related assaults. Other communities deserve the benefits that Newcastle and the greater CBD has witnessed.

“Our doctors, nurses, paramedics and police in communities right across the state see the cost of alcohol-related violence first hand every single day. We know how critical it is that something is done to protect people across the state, and so does the community.”

The Last Drinks coalition represents NSW emergency service workers and includes doctors, police, nurses and paramedics.