Jun 8, 2016

Media release: Evidence shows, once again, alcohol laws are working

Statistics released by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics Research (BOSCAR) are unequivocal evidence that the current suite of alcohol measures are working to reduce violence, emergency workers said today.

Last Drinks coalition spokesperson and President of the Police Association of NSW said the recent BOSCAR statistics, reported on today, which shows a huge decreases in assault rates in both the Kings Cross Precinct and the Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct is further proof that the NSW Government must leave the current measures in place in the greater Sydney CBD area – and actually extend the successful measures to other areas of the state.

“Report after report backs up what emergency service workers on the ground are saying – there is far less violence on our streets now than there was prior to the alcohol laws being introduced,” Mr Weber said.

“In Kings Cross alone we’ve got a 59.2 per cent decrease between 6pm and 1.30am and a 93.9 per cent decrease between 3am and 6am. Those are staggering statistics and proof that the suite of measures are working.

“You’ve got to look at the whole picture, and the picture tells the very clear story that assault rates haven’t just dropped since the suite of alcohol measures were introduced, they’ve plummeted.

“Those opposed to the alcohol measures will do everything they can to skew the figures, but the facts do not lie – there’s been a huge reduction in assaults. Fewer innocent people are falling victim to alcohol-fuelled violence as a result of this suite of measures.

“We know the critics will try to say that the lock-outs aren’t working, that foot traffic in Kings Cross on Saturday nights and that the measures are harming our nightlife, but nothing could be further from the truth. All the evidence disputes the critics’ claims and backs up the fact that the current suite of measures are working to reduce violence.

“We don’t just want to see the current measures remain in place in areas like Kings Cross, we want to see them rolled out to other areas across the state too. Everyone deserves to know they can go out at night safely, regardless of where they live.”

The Last Drinks coalition represents NSW emergency service workers and includes doctors, police, nurses and paramedics.

Download the media release here.