Police chief pushes for bottle shop clampdown – SMH

May 14, 2012

THE Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, has questioned the lack of regulation of purchases from bottle shops and linked the easy availability of take-away alcohol to stubbornly high rates of domestic violence.

What young don’t need: another bottle shop – SMH

May 14, 2012

WHILE the Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione’s high level alcohol policy working group sets its sights on bottle shops, in one NSW suburb the residents say they already know the answer: stop building them.

Waverley rises up alcohol offences list – Wentworth Courier

May 10, 2012

AS the number of liquor licences in Waverley grows, so too do the number of liquor offences. NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research figures for 2011 rank the area 18 out of 141 regions for the number of liquor offences.

Manly now the role model of reinvention for Kings Cross – SMH

Apr 25, 2012

GONE are the sequins and brawn, the thumping house music and the weekly glassings. These days the Steyne Hotel, once Manly’s most violent venue, is a reformed offender.

Emergency Service Workers Call For Tough Measures on Alcohol Violence – DrinkTank

Apr 18, 2012

A coalition of concerned emergency service workers have called for tough

High praise for Newcastle’s alcohol stance – Newcastle Herald

Apr 18, 2012

STATE governments should consider Newcastle as a template for combating alcohol violence, chief executive of the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education Michael Thorn says.

The time is now – DrinkTank

Apr 17, 2012

FARE’s nation-wide Annual Alcohol Poll was launched today in Sydney. The Poll provides an insight into Australia’s attitudes towards alcohol, and keeps the FARE team connected to how Australians feel about the way that we drink and its impacts on the community.

Australia’s serious booze problem – Sky News

Apr 17, 2012

A vast majority of Australians think the country has a serious booze problem and that binge drinking by young people is a blight on society.

New drinking limits put on bottle shops and drinking venues – Sunday Telegraph

Apr 8, 2012

STRICT limits would be placed on the number of bottle shops and drinking venues in any one council area under state government plans to curb alcohol-related violence.

Hunter ambos under attack – Newcastle Herald

Mar 28, 2012

HUNTER paramedics tending to car crash victims and unconscious late-night revellers are coming under violent attacks from drunk, drug-affected and aggressive patients and bystanders.