Special rules considered for big, violent venues

Aug 2, 2012

LARGE pubs and clubs linked to high numbers of assaults could be subject to separate rules following a NSW government review of its violent venues scheme. The review will consider if there should be different rules for larger pubs and clubs because they are unfairly penalised for having more customers.

Police call for liquor lockout

Aug 1, 2012

NSW police officers say the only way to make streets safer at night is to enforce a lockout on licensed venues from 1.30am. The claim has come in the wake of tragic recent incidents of alcohol-fuelled violence. Watch the story here 

Alcohol-linked hospital visits decreased in Cross after Kelly death

Aug 1, 2012

A SNAPSHOT of alcohol-related hospital visits in the Kings Cross area shows a drastic drop in the fortnight after the tragic death of teenager Thomas Kelly, compared to the year before.

THE POLICE: Here to help, not to be punching bags

Jul 29, 2012

“WE’RE sick and tired of dealing with drunken idiots.” That’s the message from NSW Police Association President Scott Weber, who’s fed up with seeing his colleagues treated like punching bags. Last year in New South Wales alone, more than 2200 assaults were directly linked to alcohol.

Liquor laws losing fight in Kings Cross

Jul 29, 2012

IT has been the scene of death, shootings and drunken violence – but not one club in Kings Cross has recorded a “black strike” of breaking alcohol laws.

Commit money to enact nightlife change

Jul 20, 2012

The Australian Hotels Association’s attitude over the drunken violence of some of its patrons leaves much to be desired. The Newcastle Entertainment Precinct may appear a laudable initiative on the surface; highly popular CBD venues unite to police the behaviour of their patrons, with undesirable behaviour earning transgressors a ban across all five pubs and clubs involved in the collaboration.

AMA president calls for crackdown on booze ads

Jul 19, 2012

The federal government should finally crack down on alcohol advertising and require warning labels on booze after the bashing death of Thomas Kelly, the head of the Australian Medical Association says.

Curb on trading key to cutting violence – expert

Jul 19, 2012

SOME are palatable, others less so, but the NSW crime statistics expert Don Weatherburn told Tuesday night’s Safer Sydney forum the solutions to the scourge of alcohol-fuelled violence are clear, proven, and supported by the statistics.


Unhappy residents call for lockouts at troubled Kings Cross nightspots

Jul 18, 2012

Kings Cross residents are calling for dramatic changes to the area’s nightclubs and liquor laws for the sake of past – and future – crime victims. Darlinghurst Residents Action Group spokeswoman Jo Holder put forward a plan involving fewer liquor approvals and a 12-month trial of lockouts at key venues.

Booze driving Kings Cross violence, cops tell forum

Jul 18, 2012

The New South Wales Government has launched a sweeping investigation into every bar and club in Sydney’s Kings Cross in an effort to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence.