AMA president calls for crackdown on booze ads

Jul 19, 2012

The federal government should finally crack down on alcohol advertising and require warning labels on booze after the bashing death of Thomas Kelly, the head of the Australian Medical Association says.

Curb on trading key to cutting violence – expert

Jul 19, 2012

SOME are palatable, others less so, but the NSW crime statistics expert Don Weatherburn told Tuesday night’s Safer Sydney forum the solutions to the scourge of alcohol-fuelled violence are clear, proven, and supported by the statistics.


Unhappy residents call for lockouts at troubled Kings Cross nightspots

Jul 18, 2012

Kings Cross residents are calling for dramatic changes to the area’s nightclubs and liquor laws for the sake of past – and future – crime victims. Darlinghurst Residents Action Group spokeswoman Jo Holder put forward a plan involving fewer liquor approvals and a 12-month trial of lockouts at key venues.

Booze driving Kings Cross violence, cops tell forum

Jul 18, 2012

The New South Wales Government has launched a sweeping investigation into every bar and club in Sydney’s Kings Cross in an effort to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence.

Police, nurses enter Kings Cross debate

Jul 18, 2012

Emergency service workers have renewed calls for compulsory 3am closing times and 1.30am lock-outs to help curb violence in Sydney’s Kings Cross nightclub district. The Last Drinks coalition, a group of union-led police, doctors and nurses, says the measures have helped reduce late-night violence since being introduced in Newcastle.

Services: “Freeze liquor licences”

Jul 17, 2012

Emergency services workers are calling on the NSW Government to freeze new liquor licences on the Northern Rivers until an inquiry into alcohol outlet density is complete. NSW Police Association president Scott Weber said it would be irresponsible to grant new licences on the Northern Rivers until the results of the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing’s study into the relationship between liquor licence density and alcohol related violence is made public.

Media Release: Alcohol reform the key to addressing violence

Jul 17, 2012

FARE Media Release, 17 July 2012: Australia’s leading alcohol research and education body has repeated its calls for alcohol reform, on the eve of a community forum to discuss street violence in Sydney. The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) has warned that calls for improved public transport and greater CCTV surveillance fail to address the issue that alcohol, and not the individuals consuming it, is at the heart of the problem.
See Fare’s complete media release here

Police want a freeze on northern rivers liquor licences

Jul 17, 2012

NSW police have sent their strongest message yet that the level of alcohol-related assaults the force and community experience is unacceptable. Police Association of NSW president Scott Weber said in a statement, ‘It would be irresponsible to grant new licences in the [northern rivers] region until the results of the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing’s research into the relationship between liquor licence density and alcohol-related harms are made public.


Cross tragedy brings drinking controls closer

Jul 16, 2012

It is a brave state government that defies the demands of the emergency services. Only last month we saw an outpouring of rage from the state’s firefighters over the O’Farrell government’s changes to workers compensation arrangements. It culminated in a noisy rally outside Parliament House during which a fire hose was trained on the building.

Time to call time on boozy violence

Jul 12, 2012

In just the last few days across NSW we’ve seen an innocent teenager killed, a police officer glassed in the face and a 26-year-old glassed in Canley Vale – all at the hands of our what we can only assume were tanked-up thugs.
Read more of Scott Weber’s opinion piece from the Daily Telegraph here